Young-gi, South Korea

I took this picture with my iPod outside of the second school I teach at. About a 30 minute drive out of Gyeongju towards Bulguksa.Every Monday and Friday I head out to young-gi to teach. I wouldn’t mind the bus ride in the morning so much but just before young-gi is the all girls high school, so the bus is always full of either girls sleeping because they were up until 2am studying the night before or girls talking away in their high pitch Korean tones. It’s on the bus in the morning when I wish I could understand more Korean. But I don’t. So I make up stories for them and just assume I know what they’re talking about. Maybe it’s more fun that way.

The drive back to gyeongju is better because 1) no high school girls and 2) I’m finished for the day. I enjoy the view out the window and watch miles of rice fields go by. Along the road a group of people have been excavating an old temple/burial site that I’m assuming is just about a thousand years old. It’s been interesting watching them slowly unearth old pillars and statues. The latest one I saw was a giant statue of a turtle, probably 6 feet long and 3 feet high. Such an odd thing to see this ancient artifact being revealed to the world literally 15 feet away from a busy highway.


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