Hallyu Dream Concert

So tonight our city hosted the 2011 Hallyu Dream Concert.  Easily one of the largest concerts of the year in South Korea.  Apparently last year they gave away hundreds of tickets to foreigners for free to promote tourism in Korea and celebrate Kpop internationally.  However, this year you had to go to their facebook page and enter a contest to win tickets.  Eryn and I didn’t have tickets but we decided to go check it out anyways.  We arrived outside the arena a few minutes after it started and I asked a few security guards if there were tickets available…everyone said no.  We found a spot where we could watch the stage through a fence, but there was no way we were going to stay there long.  After roaming around a bit more a Korean women working at the concert saw Eryn and I and asked if we needed tickets…and well, she gave us 2 (for free)!  I think the tickets were for the bleacher seats, but we were able to just flash the tickets and go right onto the field and grab a seat.

Who was there?  TVXQ,2PM, SNSD, SHINee, miss A, GD&TOP, Se7en, SECRET, Kim Gun Mo, ZE:A, 4minute, B2ST,G.NA, T-ara, Davichi, SISTAR, IU, MBLAQ, and A Pink.


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