Liquor & Rice cake Festival


Our city hosted it’s annual Liquor & Rice Cake Festival this month so we obviously had to check it out to, you know, gain more insight on this wonderful culture we’re living in.  They sold shot glasses for 1,000 won ($1) and you could take it around to each booth for a sample of their liquor.  There were probably about 25 booths or so.  Before I went I was thinking, oh wow, will I even remember the last 10 booths?!  But that thought was short lived once the drinking began.  I would definitely remember the booths regardless.  We raised our white flag early and surrendered to this torture test of the palate.  I’m not sure what liquor turned me off the most, the mushroom, ginseng, or tomato.  But to be fair I did quite enjoy the bamboo liquor.  It was definitely a fun festival to attend and I’m glad we went.  But I think I had more fun later that night when we were doing karaoke on stage at the old transvestite bar.


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