Winter Vacation

Tao Philippines

In 30 days Eryn and I will be heading off on yet another adventure.  We have the entire month of January off and we’re heading to Borneo and the Philippines.  Here’s what we’ve got planned so far:

    • Borneo
Paganakan Dii Tropical Retreat
    • Celebrate New Years Eve in Kota Kinabalu and eat a ton of amazing food.
    • Fly over to Sandakan and stay at two jungle retreats (one of them is the one the picture on the right).
    • River cruises in search of Asian elephants and Orangutans!
    • Night time jungle walks in search of creepy crawly things that Eryn will hate.
    • A visit to the Orangutan reserve.
    • Philippines
      • Manila
        • The largest mall in Asia is located here…think Eryn would want to go?
      • Boracay
      • El Nido
        • 4 others from Gyeongju and another friend of a friend from South Africa will all meet us here before we set sail on our boat trip!
      • Tao Philippines
Alona Beach, Bohol
      • 5 day boat expedition to a ton of islands between El Nido and Coron.  Seriously, check out the website. I have a feeling this will be the highlight of our vacation.
    • Coron
      • We end in this city and will be here with another couple. I heard the diving in this area is some of the best in the world so might check it out.
    • Bohol
      • Tarsiers and beaches.
    • Cebu
      • Unsure really what to expect, but it’s our last place we’ll go before we head back to Korea.

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