Calamansi Calamansi

So good.

If you’re ever hiking through the rain forest in Borneo and a leech grabs a hold of you, take a Calamansi and squeeze the juice onto the leech, he’ll come right off.  That was the first thing I learned about Calamanis, the miniature limes you see being sold all over the place.

The next thing I learned is that you could go to “Real Coffee” cafe in Boracay and try the most amazing muffin you’ll ever have in your entire life made with Calamansi.  The friendly staff and relaxed tropical ambience also may have an influence.  I read about this place on trip advisor the night before we went and everyone claimed that these muffins were something you could not leave Boracay without trying.  To make a long story short, we ate here every day.


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