Snorkel Spelunking

Cave copy

One day on Tao we were taken to this random rocky shore with some decent coral to snorkel around, but what we were really being taken to was a cave just off the shore in the side of rock wall.  It was stunning.  We had to be careful because the rocks were sharp and had to crawl over and through some caverns, but once inside we found ourselves in a beautiful cavern with the light coming in from above and the water reflecting on the wall.  It was one of this experiences I know I wouldn’t have often in my life.  Exploring some random cave, off of some random island.  I’m sure the only people who will ever visit this cave will be the guests aboard Tao.  I felt lucky.  On the way out of the cave someone did spot something interesting…a sea snake.  It was on the sea floor literally right outside the entrance of the cave.  If you don’t know, this sea snake is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world.  Luckily, it’s not aggressive and it’s teeth are too small to bite a human.  But still, it’s a snake.


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